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Water is essential for our Health, so why do we forget to drink it?

Very common problems of our modern society are:

" I don't have time to drink water,

" I am so busy at work I don't have time to go to the bathroom",

" I just forget to drink during the day".

Yes my friends these lines may be one of yours right??


Coffee, Tea, Soda, Alcohol, Every Drinks are NOT water, they contain water, but also contain dehydrating agents.

Headache, Irritability, Cravings for sugar and salt, dry mouth are some of the symptoms of dehydration.


Water is  Bio-Individual , depending on where you live (hot/humid temperatures ), level of exercise, age, diet, health concerns are some factors that always needs attention when consuming water.


The bottom line is, when my clients start increasing their water intake they start to see positive changes in their overall health.


So, here are some simple tips I have for you.

- Start the day with a glass of water;

- Keep a bottle of water with you during the day, and please drink it;

- 10 minutes before your meals drink a glass of water.


Start today creating a habit of drinking water, it won't take long for you to feel the benefits.



Pri Monroe

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7 ways to Your Self Care


I am here to give you 7 easy ways for Your Self Care, they are very simple and I sure hope you incorporate every one to your daily life.



Find movement you enjoy and engage in it daily. 


When you are sleep-deprived and/or stressed, your body will crave sugary snacks and caffeine for quick artificial energy.



Boredom and stress can lead to overeating. Make sure to take time to laugh, play, and participate in activities you love.



This is a great way to engage the relaxation response and wipe out cortisol, the stress hormone at the root of weight gain.


meditate_copy5- MEDITATE

Meditation is another great tool to engage the relaxation response.Start with just 5 minutes each day and build your way up.



Spending time in nature connects you with the Earth and can provide a natural high. Nature is great at bringing you back to the present moment and can be a source of stress reduction.


hug 7- HUG

Humans require physical contact, and long hugs are a great way to get it. They relax you and lead to produce happy hormones.


So, my question is.... How many of these self care tips have you done today?


 By Pri Monroe


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I have been modeling for more than half of my life, and one of my Beauty Secrets is my SLEEP.

I travel with my "travel pillow" everywhere. For me, having a comfortable pillow is one of the keys to have a good night sleep. 

I have a busy modeling schedule so I often have to take the "red eye" (a flight departing late a night and arriving early morning the next day), and having to be on set working  that morning.

Trying to get as much sleep on a plane is not the easiest task (especially when you have people talking next to you all night or a person having a poop accident on the seat next to me.... Yes, you read it right , the lady next to my seat poop in the middle of the night in her seat! That is a history all by itself... I will tell you one day.) with that said, I always try to make the most of being comfortable and get some hours of sleep even if is on a plane or different hotel beds.

The true is, the days I don't get a full night of sleep I feel a "little off", drink way to much coffee and crave sugary and high calories food (anyone with me ???)


My perfect sleeping hours are 8 hours, now having 2 kids is always a hit or miss having the perfect night sleep.(Anyone with me on this one too?)


Here are some of my daily habits that works for me getting a good night sleep :

- Turning off my phone at least 1 hour before bed

-Taking a warm shower at night 

-Exercise early in the day

-Cutting caffeine by lunch time.


So, is your lack of sleep making you fat? Do you always have good night of sleep? Do you crave sugary foods during the day?


If you need any help or advice establishing healthy habits please visit my website


      by Pri Monroe








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How to quit coffee


How to quit coffee or at least drink a lot less of it.

In a world where people drink caffeine all day long to stay awake and use different drugs to fall asleep at night, we all have to come to an agreement that balance needs to be established.

Here is my situation, I do like me coffee with half and half every morning. It's a ritual that makes me feel good and I enjoy it very much.

But now a days is very rarely that I will reach for a cup of coffee after breakfast. 

What I found out that works for me, and hopefully for you too (if you give a try) is simply starting replacing the coffee for a nice cup of tea. 

What I crave is that warm cup in my hands, so tea is the perfect replacing drink to start with. And the beautiful thing is that there are so many different kind of teas out in the market. I suggest to always try to buy  good quality ones. 

I invested on a small tea pot as well that have a filter system inside, making super easy to use . But buying the little individual bags is even easier. 

So, give it a try and experience with some tea from now on.



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Losing weight after baby

A little transformation here my friends, the first picture I am pregnant at 39 weeks with my second kid. I gained 63 pounds, my blood pressure was extremely high (had to be on medication after baby was born). The second picture is a little over a year after my daughter was born.

Transformation takes patience, dedication, self love and most importantly, having a GOAL.

So, if you want to lose weight or make changes in your life, my first point is for you to define your goal.


-What is your GOAL?


-What changes you need to make to start to make it happen?


These 3 simple questions ar the base for transformation to happen.


My goal was to lose the weight, get off the blood pressure medication, feel good and have energy to play with my kids.

So, I started slow with short walks, then runs. Then my husband (Jeff Monroe) encourage me to sign up to do a triathlon . I just keep going from there.

My question to you is..... What is your GOAL?


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by Pri