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When life gives you lemons... you squeeze into a glass with water my friends.

Ideal the first thing in the morning, before you go for that cup of coffee! I personally drink with water at room temperature  but many experts recommend with warm water.

Here are some properties that lemon have:


-Lemon has long been used for it's medicinal antibacterial and antiviral properties to immune boosting abilities.


- Lemon juice acts as a digestive and detoxifying agent and helpsto clean the liver leading to better digestive health. And between me and you we all want a clean liver and good digestion.


- Helps flight the common cold (I like to add honey to my water and lemon when trying to flight a cold)


Your health will benefit adding simple practices like this one in your daily life.


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Sweet tooth anyone?? This recipe is for you!

A super easy and one of my favorite salads to make. 

The more sweet vegetables (like carrots) and adding fresh fruit (like apple and grapes ) on our plates will help satisfy the sweet cravings with delicious nutrients.


So, there are just 3 main ingredients to this salad.


- Carrots (bought them already shred.

- Apple (washed and cut)

- Grapes (washed and cut)


My favorite dressing for this salad 


-Balsamic Vinegar

- Olive Oil

- Garlic salt 


And there it is a simple salad to add big nutrients to your meal.


If you need help establishing a healthy eating habit I will be happy to do a 15 min Free consultation.

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 Trying to get in shape can be frustrating.There are instances when a person feels like he or she is doing everything right, yet the desired results are not being achieved. This situation can occur many times throughout the weight loss process.


 However, frustration isn’t necessarily a bad emotion. It is actually a good feeling to have at times. Think about it. When I feel frustrated it means that I know my goals can and will be accomplished, but it’s just not happening in the time frame I initially set up. The deadline I originally agreed to has passed, which intensified the emotion, almost to the point of failure.


 Even so, I am only feeling the emotion of frustration and not disappointment. There is a big difference between the two emotions. Rather than quitting and giving up hope, my mind is telling me that I can still do it. I just need to give my goals more time and effort.

 Let’s be real, there are always going to be temporary setbacks along the way, so realize that fact ahead of time to help minimize any negative emotions such as depression, disappointment or guilt.


There are many different emotions that people will face when trying to get in shape. Frustration will simply be the one emotion that kicks in when you are not getting what you want, when you want it. My best advice is to not set a specific deadline that isn’t realistically obtainable. You will be setting yourself up for undesirable outcomes.


 The right way to deal with frustration is to keep your faith alive and to believe in yourself by having a positive attitude, patience, dedication and a high level of self-determination. Just put your game face on, posture up and tell yourself repeatedly,
 “ I can do this.” 


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I am sure you know someone that in high school or college was the athlete in amazing shape. Years later in their 30s, 40s.... are overweight and unhealthy ! What happened ?????????

Let's go back as kids, most of parents assigned their kids in sports (soccer, ballet, swim etc...) They somehow manage to make sure they are active and healthy . Than there is school physical education classes keeping they active as well. High School , some are spending a lot of time doing their best in sports with the dream to be a professional athlete . College comes and the number goes way down on the physical activities . A few will continue on groups sports, some will join the gym.

After their 20s , most get a job, maybe they start a family and the time to take care of their own bodies is not there anymore. Poor eating habits are established and the "busy" stage of life takes over overall health.
Did I get it right?? Sound a bit too familiar?
I am not going to put everyone on the same boat, but not having someone driving you to do a sport, not having that teacher in school pushing, not having the dream to make it big being an athlete , not having the commitment and the discipline is the problem!!!

That's why a lot of people hire Personal trainers and Health Coaches these days, it's to have someone to commit to show up, help getting guidance on what needs be get better and bring back the "spark" inside people to put their health and wellness in first place.

The feeling you have after exercising and eating wholesome nutritious food is priceless. Everyone that exercises knows that!

Let's not put our Health in second place, making ourselves a Priority is not Selfish is Necessary. Both mentally and physically. If you can not do it alone, ask a professional, a friend, a family member because sometimes we just need help right ! :)

Do yourself a favor today , make a commitment to yourself to be in charge of being Healthy, not to look good but to feel good . The ones doing already.. GOOD JOB!!! Don't ever lose that "spark " in you.

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By Pri Monroe



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I believe that maintaining adequate amounts of quality sleep is essential to optimal health and well-being. Because we all want to wake up in the morning feeling refreshed, focus and excited for the day right!!


If you are feeling run-down, struggling to focus, or feeling irritable for no clear reason, you may want to look into your sleep patterns. In a fast-paced environment, many people forgo sleep and overextend themselves to catch up on work and other responsibilities.

Here I have some Steps to improve the quality of sleep and give ourselves the deserved rest we need to function.



What and When we eat affects our bodies natural ability to both energize and rest. 

Consuming our largest meal in the middle of the day and a lighter meal in the evening can also help us take full advantage of our body's natural nighttime repair process.

Limiting sugar and caffeine intake during the day and especially in the afternoon/evening hours is a important one to put in practice. 



Remove electronics from your room, phone next to your bed?? I will say No No to that; as well computers, tablets,-readers anything that emit "blue light" that can affect your body's production of melatonin.

Make your bedroom simple and clean. The less clutter the better. Something as simple as making your own bed may also fell mentally clearer.



Create a bedtime routine, going to bed and waking up at a similar time each day can help the body get into a healthy rhythm.

Consider relaxing activities in the evening hours like Yoga, Meditation and  even being intimate will help prepare you for bedtime :)

If your mind can't stop, it can be helpful to have a pen and paper to write down your thoughts.

Having a good night's sleep may be the missing link for your Healthier Lifestyle, so put in practice some of these tips to improve your Sleep and achieve your optimal health.


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By Pri Monroe



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Here is my simple Healthy Recipe for a Potato Salad that my family and I enjoy having often.

I like to work with very few ingredients and make as simple as I can. So here it is.




-Cut and Wash Potato, Carrots and Green Beans;

- Bring water to a boil, boil vegetables for about 20 min until all are tender;

-For the dressing: Olive Oil, Red Vinegar, Mustard, Salt& Garlic, Oregano.


I love this simple recipe without adding any Mayonnaise. The Vinaigrette dressing is just perfect to make a delicious healthy version of a Potato Salad thats full of color and flavor.


Enjoy !



My Model Body Wellness



Let's step back for a second, because a lot of you must to be thinking... I don't believe her.

Yes, I am a Model and a Health Coach, my height is 5'9 half and I weight about 132 pounds. I am not the stereotype runway skinny model. I am a healthy person, that have lean muscles and that does triathlons.


I DON'T BELIVE IN DIETS. I don't believe in miracle fat loss. I don't believe in "cheat eating days". I believe in eating healthy and exercise is that simple.


So here is my secret formula when it comes to eating, 80% of the time I eat no process, not fried, no sugary foods, pretty much whole foods .

And the other 20% I so get my "junk" fill on sodas, cookies, chips and some ice cream.

One of my favorite words is BALANCE!!!


The bottom line is that eating healthy food makes me fell good, think clear and my body craves the nutrients not the calories.

Remember that having good relationships, limited stress in life are things that feeds the body as well. 

Let's enjoy life my friends, eat nutritious food and have a good laugh everyday.


By Pri Monroe





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 My first approach when getting the first signs of a cold is to start getting a extra boost of the nature's natural remedies.

My favorite combo is Honey, Turmeric, Lemon, Cayenne Pepper. I simply just add water to it.

I will boil Ginger for a warm drink and add all the above.

The last couple times I started to feel a cold I ate raw Garlic as well, its a very strong overwhelming taste but the amazing properties that the raw garlic have its worth it a try.

Up my intake of water is the key too (even tho I am already pretty good with my water intake). Oranges are a great source of Vitamin C and one of my favorite fruits too!

And of course the obvious is Rest, when the body is trying to get better getting some rest is the key to a faster recover.


By Pri Monroe



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I believe that everyone have a little bit of sweet tooth, I sure do. The question is, every time a sweet craving happens what do I do?

My number one resource is always having different kind of Fruit in my house (even when I am traveling I have a apple with me).

Besides satisfying  the sweet craving I get the benefits of the nutrients of these amazing food.

A question I get all the time is, Does fruit have a lot of sugar?? My answer is ... Don't be afraid of fruit! Be afraid of process candy bar, cookie and everything that comes wrapped. I have not met anyone that gain weight eating just fruits!! Have you? If so , I would love to talk ! :)

So, next time you are reaching for the process sugar foods to satisfy your craving, remember the beauty of nature .... Fruit!


by Pri Monroe




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Water is essential for our Health, so why do we forget to drink it?

Very common problems of our modern society are:


" I don't have time to drink water,

" I am so busy at work I don't have time to go to the bathroom",

" I just forget to drink during the day".


Yes my friends these lines may be one of yours right??


Coffee, Tea, Soda, Alcohol, Every Drinks are NOT water, they contain water, but also contain dehydrating agents.

Headache, Irritability, Cravings for sugar and salt, dry mouth are some of the symptoms of dehydration.


Water is  Bio-Individual , depending on where you live (hot/humid temperatures ), level of exercise, age, diet, health concerns are some factors that always needs attention when consuming water.


The bottom line is, when my clients start increasing their water intake they start to see positive changes in their overall health.


So, here are some simple tips I have for you.


- Start the day with a glass of water;

- Keep a bottle of water with you during the day, and please drink it;

- 10 minutes before your meals drink a glass of water.


Start today creating a habit of drinking water, it won't take long for you to feel the benefits.



Pri Monroe